Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager

Hitachi ID Identity Manager

  • Graphical dashboards.
  • One-click addition of new nodes to a replicated instance.
  • Support for multiple UI "skins" in a single instance.
  • A "mobile" skin optimized for smart phones.
  • Improved support for IPv6.
  • Social integration via OAuth and CAPTCHAs.

  • Integrate push and pull mode.
  • Temporary check-out of group sets.
  • Ability to revoke approved check-outs.
  • Archival MSP for no-longer-active systems.
  • Many new reports.

  • Improved usability:
    • Better search for workflow requests.
    • Easier access to features such as "compare users."
    • More user friendly table editor for configuration data.

  • New profile attribute type: "Long date."
  • Many new reports.