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Calif. Polytechnic State Univ.

Company name: Calif. Polytechnic State Univ.
Contact: Troy Holland
Phone: 1-805-545-8695
Fax: 1-805-545-8695

Materials Engineering Department for the state university

Calif. Polytechnic State Univ. uses Linux for the following functions:

  • X-Windows:

    • X-Windows server (runs applications, possibly exports display)
  • Network file server:

    • Samba server for a network of PCs.
    • File server for other types of clients.
  • Print server:

    • Print spooler using samba (PC clients)
  • Modem communications:

    • Server answers the phone, provides PPP, SLIP or term logins.
  • Office productivity software:

    • Document preparation with ApplixWare.
    • Other document management.
  • Network services provided to local users:

    • HTTP (World-Wide Web) server or cache.
    • Accepts telnet connections.
  • Network services provided to remote users over dial-up or the Internet:

    • HTTP (World-Wide Web) server or cache.
  • Software development tools:

    • C and/or C++
    • Java
    • Perl
    • Tcl/Tk
    • Bourne, Korn, C or another shell; using sed, awk, grep and similar tools.
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