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New Zealand Forest Research Insitute

Company name: New Zealand Forest Research Insitute
Contact: Dave Lane
Phone: 64 3 364 2987 x7280
Fax: 64 3 364 2812

I am one of several researchers at the Institute who use Linux for software development and network services. The Institute as a whole is dedicated to improving the state of forestry in New Zealand through innovative technology and increased understanding of the myriad of issues it encompasses.

New Zealand Forest Research Insitute uses Linux for the following functions:

  • X-Windows:

    • X-Windows server (runs applications, possibly exports display)
  • Print server:

    • Print spooler using lpd (Unix, NFS clients)
  • Modem communications:

    • Users can initiate PPP connections to remote systems.
  • Internet client software - WWW

    • NetScape Navigator.
    • Lynx.
  • Internet client software - mail

    • Pine.
    • Netscape's mail client.
  • Network management:

    • Internet or WAN firewall.
  • Electronic mail server:

    • POP-3 server.
    • SMTP server (sendmail, others).
    • SMTP mail router.
  • Network services provided to local users:

    • Services finger requests.
  • Software development tools:

    • C and/or C++
    • Bourne, Korn, C or another shell; using sed, awk, grep and similar tools.
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