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CII industrielle SA

Company name: CII industrielle SA
Contact: PALUD Joel

CII industrielle develop telecom applications. (IVR, voice mail, ...)

CII industrielle SA uses Linux for the following functions:

  • X-Windows:

    • X-Windows terminal (display, keyboard, mouse -- applications run elsewhere)
  • Desktop environment:

    • KDE.
  • HTTP servers

    • Apache.
  • Internet client software - WWW

    • NetScape Navigator.
    • Other browsers.
  • Internet client software - mail

    • Netscape's mail client.
    • Other mail clients.
  • Network management:

    • Internet or WAN router.
  • Electronic mail server:

    • POP-3 server.
    • SMTP server (sendmail, others).
  • Network services provided to local users:

    • HTTP (World-Wide Web) server or cache.
    • ''Regular'' (user-ID and password required) ftp server.
  • Software development tools:

    • C and/or C++
    • Perl
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