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McLeodUSA Telecommunications Inc.

Company name: McLeodUSA Telecommunications Inc.
Contact: Don Tyler
Phone: (319) 298-7414
Fax: (319) 298-6055

McLeodUSA provides integrated telecommunications service to small and medium-sized businesses and to residential customers.

McLeodUSA integrated telecommunications service includes:

  • local phone service
  • long distance phone service
  • Internet access and e-mail
  • voice mail

McLeodUSA also offers:

  • direct marketing and telemarketing services (RuffaloCODY)
  • yellow pages advertising (McLeodUSA Publishing Company)

Additionally, McLeodUSA is now:

  • a full service provider of telecommunications equipment (Digital Communications)

McLeodUSA Headquarters: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Number of Employees: 5,000 (as of June 30, 1998)
1997 Annual Revenues: $268 million

McLeodUSA Telecommunications Inc. uses Linux for the following functions:

  • X-Windows:

    • X-Windows terminal (display, keyboard, mouse -- applications run elsewhere)
    • X-Windows server (runs applications, possibly exports display)
  • Network file server:

    • Samba server for a network of PCs.
  • Electronic mail server:

    • SMTP mail router.
  • Network services provided to remote users over dial-up or the Internet:

    • HTTP (World-Wide Web) server or cache.
    • Accepts telnet connections.
    • Accepts secure-shell (ssh) connections.
  • Software development tools:

    • C and/or C++
    • Java
    • Perl
    • Bourne, Korn, C or another shell; using sed, awk, grep and similar tools.
    • Others.
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