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Sony WorldWide Networks

Company name: Sony WorldWide Networks
Contact: Kevin Borowsky
Phone: 212-833-6588
Fax: 212-833-8338

We are a radio network divison of SONY.

LINUX is used for:

  • Web server for internal company intranet
  • FTP Server for worldwide contacts to send files, then transferred to our internal Novell LAN.
  • Mail server for entire company (formally done by SUN box)

Why I choose LINUX??

  • It's free
  • It has the best support. Questions are answered via the internet in hours time.
  • Plenty of on-line documentation
  • Many collegues use LINUX in production environments. Therefore I could obtain plenty of hints and info.
  • Reliable, robust and efficient. I had people overload this baby and it runs flawlessly.

All I can say is LINUX rules!!!!!!!

Sony WorldWide Networks uses Linux for the following functions:

  • Network file server:

    • File server for other types of clients.
  • Internet client software - mail

    • Pine.
    • Other mail clients.
  • Electronic mail server:

    • POP-3 server.
    • SMTP server (sendmail, others).
  • Network services provided to local users:

    • HTTP (World-Wide Web) server or cache.
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