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How Does Hitachi ID Login Manager Work?

Hitachi ID Login Manager automatically fills in application login IDs and passwords on behalf of users, streamlining the application sign-on process for users.

Login Manager works as follows:

  • When users sign into their PCs, Login Manager acquires their network login ID and password from the Windows login process.

  • Login Manager may (optionally) acquire additional login IDs (but not passwords) from the user's Active Directory profile.

  • Login Manager monitors the Windows desktop for newly launched applications:

    • It detects when the user types one of his known login IDs or his Windows password into an application dialog box, HTML form or mainframe terminal session. When this happens, the location of the matching input fields is stored on a local configuration file.

    • Whenever Login Manager detects an application displaying a previously configured login screen, it automatically fills in the appropriate login ID and/or the current Windows password.

The net impact of Login Manager is that login prompts for applications with well-known IDs and passwords that authenticate to AD or are synchronized with AD are automatically filled in. This is done without:

  • Interfering with user access to applications from devices not equipped with the SSO software, such as their smart phones.
  • Having to deploy a secure location in which to store application credentials.
  • Writing scripts.

Login Manager is installed as a simple, self-contained MSI package. It does not require a schema extension to Active Directory.

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