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Advantages of Hitachi ID Login Manager

The reduced sign-on process used by Hitachi ID Login Manager has several advantages over traditional E-SSO techniques:

  • There is no global directory or database with user credentials:
    • There is no target for a would-be attacker.
    • There is no single point of failure which could cause a widespread disruption to users who wish to sign into applications.
    • There is no need to enroll users by having them provide their passwords.

  • There are no manually written scripts:
    • No manual configuration is required.
    • No infrastructure is required to distribute script files to PCs.

  • Continued access to applications:
    • Users sometimes need to sign into application from devices other than their work PC.
    • Since passwords are synchronized and users know their own password, they can still sign in, even without the SSO software.
    • In contrast, with other E-SSO products, users may not know their own application passwords. This disrupts application access using a smart phone, home PC, Internet kiosk, etc.

These advantages significantly reduce the cost and risk associated with deploying and managing Login Manager.

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