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Hitachi ID Login Manager Requirements

In order to achieve its benefits of low cost and high availability, Hitachi ID Login Manager makes three important assumptions:

  • The set of login IDs associated with a given user is known.

    It may either be a single ID (i.e., the user's network login), or a short list.

    Where users have different login IDs on different systems, Hitachi ID Password Manager can generate login ID aliases using a combination of automation and self-service enrollment and can write this data to the user's profile in Active Directory or eDirectory. Login Manager can retrieve this list of login IDs at login time.

  • Passwords are consolidated or synchronized.

    Since Login Manager does not store a user's passwords anywhere, it depends on a user's application passwords being the same as the user's primary network password.

  • Users sign into their PCs with a password.

    Since Login Manager acquires a user's primary network password from the Windows login process, that process must itself use a password.

    Combining Login Manager with other authentication technologies, such as smart cards or one time password tokens, may require extra integration effort, so that Login Manager can retrieve the user's synchronized password from a different source.

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