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Hitachi ID Login Manager Configuration Options

Hitachi ID Login Manager's default behaviour meets the needs of most organizations without the need for any configuration at all.

For organizations with unusual requirements, Login Manager includes a range of configuration options, which are set by an administrator:

  • The ability to import alternate login IDs for each user at login time, typically from the user's AD user object.
  • The ability to disable interaction with certain applications (i.e., a blacklist).
  • The ability to use randomized passwords rather than the user's primary login password to sign into applications, where those passwords are typically set by Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager, at a pre-defined frequency (e.g,. daily).
  • User control over whether Login Manager is active, using a taskbar icon.

These options can be set for all users or may be distributed with more fine-grained control using Active Directory Organizational Units (AD OUs) and group policy objects (GPOs).

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