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Hitachi ID Password Manager

About Hitachi ID Password Manager

Hitachi ID Password Manager is an integrated solution for managing user credentials, across multiple systems and applications. Organizations depend on Password Manager to simplify the management of those credentials for users, to reduce IT support cost and to improve the security of login processes.

Password Manager includes password synchronization, self-service password reset, enterprise single sign-on, PIN resets for tokens and smart cards, enrollment of security questions and biometrics and emergency recovery of full disk encryption keys.

Business Challenge

Users have too many passwords. A typical user in a large organization may have 10 to 20 passwords on internal systems. Users respond to this complexity by:

  • Avoiding password changes,
  • choosing simple passwords,
  • writing down their passwords or
  • forgetting passwords.

This creates real business problems:

  • Inconvenience for users,
  • security compromises and
  • high help desk call volumes.

Users may also have smart cards or tokens that users unlock with a PIN (which they will occasionally forget). Users may have a PC whose hard disk is encrypted with a password -- another type of login problem.

Solution and Features

Password Manager, a component of the Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite, is a system that helps users to better manage their own credentials. Password Manager:

  • Strengthens the security of login-related IT support processes.
  • Reduces the volume and duration of IT support calls.
  • Improves user productivity.

Password Manager accomplishes this with:

  • Password synchronization and single sign-on.
  • Self-service password reset and PIN reset.
  • Recovery of forgotten activation passwords for full disk encryption.
  • Simplified enrollment of security questions, mobile phone numbers and biometrics.

Password Manager includes connectors to manage PINs, passwords and encryption keys on over 120 kinds of systems and applications.

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