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Hitachi ID Password Manager Product Literature

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  • Color Brochures:
    One page glossy product brochure for Password Manager.
  • Large Scale Password Managmement with Password Manager:
    Password Manager provides automation and self-service, to help users better manage their corporate credentials. With Password Manager, users can more conveniently and securely manage their credentials, which lowers IT support cost, improves user productivity and strengthens corporate security. The core concept is to help users manage all of their credentials -- network and local passwords, filesystem encryption passwords, one time password tokens, smart cards, certificates, biometrics and more -- using a single system.
  • Password Manager Features at a Glance:
    A brief overview of Password Manager features.
  • Building a Business Case for Hitachi ID Password Manager Purchase and Deployment:
    Sample business case for justifying purchase and deployment of Password Manager.
  • Selecting a Password Management Product:
    Advice to prospective buyers of a password management system as to what features, services and vendor characteristics to look for, in order to maximize the chances for a successful project outcome.
  • Password Manager Competitive Advantages:
    There are many password management products on the market. Password Manager is the market leader because of superior technology, lower TCO and higher ROI.
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