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Assisted Password Reset - Hitachi ID Password Manager

Hitachi ID Password Manager includes an assisted password reset web portal, which allows IT support staff to help callers without having direct administrative access to target systems:

Assisted password reset reduces the cost of password support calls and ensures that such calls are handled in a consistent, secure fashion.


After a password reset, or following any of 189 other types of events, Password Manager can create, update and close a trouble ticket in any of the following types of help desk systems:


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Assisted password reset

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  • The experience of a help desk analyst resetting passwords for a user who has forgotten his password or triggered a lockout.

Key concepts:

  • Help desk staff may be forced to authenticate callers, for example by prompting them with security questions and keying in their answers.
  • Help desk staff may be empowered or required to cause new passwords to be immediately expired.
  • "Behind the scenes," a help desk ticket is normally created to record the service incident.