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Smart Card PIN Reset - Hitachi ID Password Manager

Hitachi ID Password Manager allows users to reset a forgotten PIN on their smart card:

  • Users can access Password Manager with a web browser or from the login prompt.

  • Organizations may choose from a variety of technologies, including local or domain-level "secure kiosk accounts," a service that extends the Windows XP GINA screen or a Windows Vista~10 credential provider to empower users who cannot sign into Windows because they forgot their smart card PIN to access Password Manager.

  • Password Manager assists remote users by establishing a temporary VPN connection using its own credentials and launching an HTTPS session over that link.

  • Using the Password Manager web portal, users can authenticate themselves with anything other than their non-functional smart card. Examples include answering security questions or typing a password.

  • Once authenticated, Password Manager uses an ActiveX control to communicate with the user's smart card reader and smart card to perform a PIN reset.

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Self-service reset for a forgotten or locked out smart card PIN

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  • User forgets the PIN to his smart card.
  • User presses a "help" button to access self-service.
  • A kiosk-mode web browser is launched.
  • User enters his network login ID.
  • User answers security questions.
  • User chooses a new PIN for his smart card.
  • ActiveX runs on the user's PC, unblocks the card and injects the new PIN.
  • User signs into Windows with the smart card and new PIN.

Key concepts:

  • Access to self-service password reset from a locked out PC.
  • PIN reset is available on-site and also while mobile (via temporary VPN).
  • ActiveX is used to communicate with the smart card reader, unblock the card and set the new PIN.

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