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Hitachi ID Password Manager Slide Presentations

Click on the links below to view online slide presentations that show you how Hitachi ID Password Manager and Hitachi ID Login Manager can help your organization. You can also print these presentations using Acrobat Reader.

arrowHitachi ID Password Manager Overview
  • Hitachi ID Password Manager Overview:


    • Hitachi ID Systems corporate overview.
    • Password management business challenges.
    • Security, cost and service improvements from deploying Password Manager.
    • Key Password Manager technology, architecture and integrations.
    • Competitive differentiation.

    (26 slides.)

  • Maximizing User Adoption:


    • Economics of self-service.
    • Engaging users.
    • Best practices.
    • Pitfalls.
    • Effective project management.
    • Realistic goals.

    (26 slides.)

  • Authentication Management:

    Discusses the evolution of password management beyond password synchronization and reset, to include support automation for smart cards, hardware tokens, biometrics and full disk encryption key recovery.

    (12 slides.)

arrowHitachi ID Login Manager Overview
  • Single Sign-on with Hitachi ID Login Manager:


    • Hitachi ID Systems corporate overview.
    • Password management business challenges.
    • Strategies to simplify passwords.
    • Challenges to deploying traditional SSO technologies.
    • The novel approach to SSO in Login Manager.

    (17 slides.)

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  • Self-Service, Anywhere:
    With self-service, anywhere technology, users can resolve problems with their passwords, smart cards, tokens or full disk encryption software both at the office and mobile, from any endpoint device.
  • Features:
    Password Manager features -- including password synchronization and reset, single sign-on, token and smart card PIN reset, encryption key recovery and more.
  • Business Case:
    Password Manager improves service for users, who experience fewer password and login problems. It reduces help desk call volume by eliminating password problems through synchronization and diverting password problem resolution to self-service. Password Manager strengthens security through use of better passwords, stronger authentication prior to password resets, clear audit trails and the ability to delegate support privileges without having to give help desk staff full administrative access to systems.
  • Screen Shots:
    Snapshots of the Password Manager web user interface.
  • Screen Recordings:
    Recordings of user interaction with Password Manager.
  • Concept Animations:
    Animated demonstrations illustrating user interaction with Password Manager and data flow between components on the network.
  • Slide Decks:
    A variety of slide presentations about password management in general and Password Manager in particular.
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