Following is a typical cost savings example for an organization with 10,000 users:

Total number of users: 10,000
Item Current Reduced by Hitachi ID Password Manager Notes
Number of password problems per year 30,000 6,000 Users have fewer passwords to remember
User cost per problem $10 $2.50 Problems used to take 20 minutes to solve (assume user cost is $60k/yr). Now resolved in 5.
Cost of user productivity lost to password problems per year $300,000 $15,000
Number of password related help desk calls per year 30,000 2,400 60% of remaining problems go to self-service
Cost per problem at help desk $25 $15 Simpler, faster resolution.
Number of password related calls escalated to system administrators per year 4,500 0 15% escalation before; none using Password Manager
Total help desk cost per year $862,500 $36,000
Total cost (help desk + user) per year $1,162,500 $51,000
Total savings per year   $1,111,500