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Too Many Privileged Users - Hitachi ID Password Manager

Business Challenge

In any organization with large numbers of users signing into many of systems and applications, there will be a high help desk call volume due to forgotten passwords and intruder lockouts. In this context, a large team of IT support staff is required, all of whom must have logins with elevated privileges -- capable of resetting passwords on end user logins and clearing intruder lockout flags.

The large number of logins with elevated privileges creates its own security problem: these are high-value targets for security compromises and their number represents an elevated security risk.

Hitachi ID Password Manager Solution
  • Password Manager uses its own login ID and password to reset user passwords and clear lockouts.
  • IT support staff and end users sign into Password Manager with their own, unprivileged credentials.
  • Password Manager supports strong authentication for support staff, including one-time-password devices and smart cards, making these logins hard to compromise.
  • Password Manager can randomize the password it uses to connect to target systems, making the remaining login with elevated rights a much harder target to compromise.

Using Password Manager, organizations can eliminate most of the login IDs that have elevated privileges, greatly improving system security.

Read More:

  • Too Many Passwords:
    Using Password Manager to reduce the number of passwords that users must remember and manage.
  • Too Many Login Prompts:
    Using Password Manager to reduce the number of times per day that users must type application login IDs and passwords.
  • Users Locked Out of Their PCs:
    Enabling users who forgot or locked out their primary passwords and cannot sign into their PC to resolve their own problem using Password Manager.
  • High IT Support Call Volume:
    Reducing the volume of IT support calls due to login problems -- intruder lockouts and forgotten passwords, PINs and encryption keys -- using Password Manager.
  • Uneven Support Call Volume:
    Lowering the peak IT support call volume due to forgotten and locked out passwords after weekends and holidays -- using Password Manager.
  • Weak Passwords:
    Ensuring that users choose strong passwords -- using Password Manager.
  • Off-hours IT Support:
    Enabling users to resolve their own login problems after hours -- using Password Manager.
  • Too Many Privileged Users:
    Reducing the number of people that need administrative access to systems and applications by delegating the right to reset passwords and clear lockouts to IT support staff -- using Password Manager.
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