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Off-hours IT Support - Hitachi ID Password Manager

Business Challenge

Organizations are increasingly global and workers increasingly mix their work and personal lives. One of the impacts of these changes is that users may need IT support at any hour, on any day.

Offering IT support outside normal business hours can be both costly and insecure:

  • Costly because of higher rates demanded by local employees working nights and weekends, or elevated communication and management costs when sending support offshore.
  • Insecure because certain kinds of support incidents, such as password resets, require elevated privileges. 24x7 IT support means that more people must be granted privileged access to systems to provide these services.
Hitachi ID Password Manager Solution
  • Password Manager enables users to resolve their own problems with self-service, eliminating the need for human IT support for password-related problems.
  • Password Manager reduces the need for privileged logins in the hands of IT support staff.

Password Manager enables organizations to offer 24x7 IT support without a 24x7 workforce.

Read More:

  • Too Many Passwords:
    Using Password Manager to reduce the number of passwords that users must remember and manage.
  • Too Many Login Prompts:
    Using Password Manager to reduce the number of times per day that users must type application login IDs and passwords.
  • Users Locked Out of Their PCs:
    Enabling users who forgot or locked out their primary passwords and cannot sign into their PC to resolve their own problem using Password Manager.
  • High IT Support Call Volume:
    Reducing the volume of IT support calls due to login problems -- intruder lockouts and forgotten passwords, PINs and encryption keys -- using Password Manager.
  • Uneven Support Call Volume:
    Lowering the peak IT support call volume due to forgotten and locked out passwords after weekends and holidays -- using Password Manager.
  • Weak Passwords:
    Ensuring that users choose strong passwords -- using Password Manager.
  • Off-hours IT Support:
    Enabling users to resolve their own login problems after hours -- using Password Manager.
  • Too Many Privileged Users:
    Reducing the number of people that need administrative access to systems and applications by delegating the right to reset passwords and clear lockouts to IT support staff -- using Password Manager.
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