Business Challenge

Corporate users typically have to sign into 10 or more applications regularly. They may have to remember and certainly must type IDs and passwords for each of these applications repeatedly.

Users are inconvenienced by repeated login prompts. Repeatedly signing into applications takes time and creates frustration.

Hitachi ID Login Manager Solution

Login Manager, a module included with Hitachi ID Password Manager, is an enterprise single sign-on solution. It automatically signs users into applications where the ID and/or password is the same as what the user typed to sign into Windows.

Login Manager leverages password synchronization instead of stored passwords. This means that it does not require a wallet and that users can continue to sign into their applications from devices other than their corporate PC -- such as a smart phone or tablet -- for which a single sign-on client may not be available.

Login Manager does not require scripting or a credential vault, so has a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than alternative single sign-on (E-SSO) products.

Using Login Manager, organizations improve user service without invasive or costly new infrastructure.