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Hitachi ID Password Manager Technology

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  • 2FA For Everyone:
    Two factor authentication is included in Hitachi ID Password Manager at no extra cost. There are no excuses to allow users to sign in with just a single credential.
  • Target System Connectors:
    Systems on which Password Manager can manage passwords.
  • Other Integrations:
    Integrations between Password Manager and other parts of an IT infrastructure.
  • Access to Self-Service:
    Supported Password Manager user interfaces: web browser, workstation login prompt, mobile phone and telephone call.
  • Helping Locked Out Users:
    Enabling users who forgot their primary password or locked themselves out of their PC to access self-service.
  • Self-Service For Off-Site Users:
    Assisting mobile users who forgot their primary password (cached on their PC) while away from the corporate network.
  • Mapping User IDs:
    Linking user IDs on different systems to enterprise-wide user profiles.
  • Scalability:
    How Password Manager can scale to manage passwords across millions of login IDs.
  • Telephone Access:
    Enabling users to access self-service password reset, PIN reset and filesystem unlock through a phone call to an IVR system.
  • Language Support:
    Languages supported by the Password Manager user interface.
  • Single Sign-on Without a Password Wallet:
    Hitachi ID Login Manager can automatically sign users into their applications without having to store IDs and passwords in a "password wallet."
  • Password Manager server requirements:
    Sizing, configuration and number of servers on which to deploy Password Manager.
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