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Other Integrations

In addition to connectors to communicate with target systems, Hitachi ID Password Manager includes many other integrations, to send e-mail, create tickets in an incident management system, authenticate users via phone or web and more.

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  • Flexible Authentication:
    Password Manager can integrate with any authentication system and mechanism.
  • Sending E-mails:
    Use of E-mail to prompt users to register and notify users of events relating to their Password Manager profiles.
  • Help Desk Tickets:
    Password Manager can automatically create, update and close tickets in a help desk application in response to over 100 events and alarms.
  • Embedding in Web Portals:
    Password Manager can integrate with both support-centric and general-purpose web portals, to offer a seamless user experience.
  • Telephony (IVR):
    Password Manager allows users to reset their own passwords and PINs and to recover encryption keys using a telephone, through interactive voice response (IVR) integration.
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