LDAP Integration

Integration between Hitachi ID Password Manager and LDAP directories

  • Hitachi ID Password Manager includes an LDAP connector that works with all major, standards-compliant LDAP directory servers.
  • The connector supports "advanced" features such as paging, LDAPS, load balancing across multiple LDAP servers and more.
  • The connector is configurable, for example to use UID or CN attributes to identify accounts and to manipulate installation-specific attributes for password expiry dates, intruder lockouts, etc.
  • User profiles in Password Manager can be created or deleted based on their appearance on, among other systems, LDAP directories.
  • User rights within Password Manager can be based on LDAP attributes or group memberships.
  • Native password changes on some LDAP directory products can trigger password synchronization, such that the user's other accounts on other systems are assigned the same new password.