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Novell NDS / eDirectory Integration - Hitachi ID Password Manager

Hitachi ID Password Manager, a component of the Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite, actually supports more than just passwords -- it is, in reality, a platform for managing authentication factors and encryption keys. Password Manager is used by many organizations to reduce the volume of IT support calls relating to passwords and PINs, to improve user productivity by eliminating login problems and to strengthen the security of passwords and of user support processes. Password Manager includes connectors to manage passwords on over 120 kinds of systems and applications.

Novell NetWare / NDS Integration

Password Manager manages passwords on Novell NDS by installing the Novell IntraNetWare client on the Password Manager server. Accounts are listed from the entire tree or a sub-tree and are reset using an administrative account with credentials stored, encrypted, on the Password Manager server. The NDS connector uses the NCP protocol for all communications. Nothing is installed on NetWare / NDS servers.

Novell eDirectory Integration

Password Manager can manages passwords on Novell eDirectory LDAP directories in two ways:

  • By directly binding to the LDAP or LDAPS service and issuing LDAP commands to modify user objects. The LDAP bind operation itself is used to validate current passwords and LDAP search is used to enumerate users.
  • By connecting to the hosting NetWare NDS server and making the updates using NCP transactions.
No agent is installed locally on the eDirectory server in either case.

Read More:

  • Included Connectors:
    Systems on which Password Manager can manage passwords.
  • Integrations:
    Integrations between Password Manager and other parts of an IT infrastructure.
  • Supported User Interfaces:
    Supported Password Manager user interfaces: web browser, workstation login prompt, mobile phone and telephone call.
  • Helping Locked Out Users:
    Enabling users who forgot their primary password or locked themselves out of their PC to access self-service.
  • Helping Mobile Users:
    Assisting mobile users who forgot their primary password (cached on their PC) while away from the corporate network.
  • Network architecture:
    How users, existing systems and applications and Password Manager servers interact on the network.
  • Scalability:
    How Password Manager can scale to manage passwords across millions of login IDs.
  • Mapping User IDs:
    How Password Manager maps user IDs on different systems back to their human users, both automatically and with human assistance.
  • Language Support:
    Languages supported by the Password Manager user interface.
  • Single Sign-on Without a Password Wallet:
    Hitachi ID Login Manager can automatically sign users into their applications without having to store IDs and passwords in a "password wallet."
  • Password Manager server requirements:
    Sizing, configuration and number of servers on which to deploy Password Manager.
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