z/OS Integration

Integration between Hitachi ID Password Manager, z/OS, OS/390 and MVS security products.

Hitachi ID Password Manager, a component of the Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite, actually supports more than just passwords -- it is, in reality, a platform for managing authentication factors and encryption keys. Password Manager is used by many organizations to reduce the volume of IT support calls relating to passwords and PINs, to improve user productivity by eliminating login problems and to strengthen the security of passwords and of user support processes. Password Manager includes connectors to manage passwords on over 120 kinds of systems and applications.

z/OS Security Product Integration

Password Manager can manage passwords on RACF, ACF2 and TopSecret. This can be done via any of three mechanisms:

  • TN3270 script -- nothing installed on the mainframe, connector included in Password Manager base price.
  • LDAP integration -- leveraging LDAP service added to the z/OS security product. Connector included in Password Manager base price.
  • Mainframe Connector installed natively on the mainframe. Requires change control but is fast, secure, reliable and can trigger transparent password synchronization. Extra license required for the z/OS component.

Triggering Password Synchronization

Native password changes made on zOS, OS390 or MVS mainframes, with any security product, can trigger transparent password synchronization, through insertion of a suitable exit program (provided with Hitachi ID Mainframe Connector) in the LPAR with the security program.