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Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager Overview

Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager is network security software designed specifically to address the problem of insecure, static and well-known administrator passwords.

Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager: Privileged Access Management In a typical enterprise-scale organization there are thousands of servers, workstations and network devices. Normally, there is a single, shared administrator password for every type of device. For example, one password may be used for each workstation of a given type or for every server with a given configuration. This is convenient for data center and desktop support staff: if they need to perform maintenance or an upgrade on a workstation or server, they know how to log in.

Such static and well-known privileged passwords create both operational challenges and security problems:

The obvious solution to the security vulnerability of static and shared privileged passwords is to change these passwords so that each one is unique and changes regularly. Doing this can be technically challenging, however:

These challenges are not trivial -- a custom software development project may get some of them wrong, with possibly disastrous consequences.

To ensure robust management of administrator passwords, it makes sense to acquire and deploy an expertly built application for managing administrator passwords. That application is Privileged Access Manager.

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