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Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager Business Case

The Challenge

In an organization with thousands of IT assets, it can be difficult to securely manage access to privileged accounts:

  • There can be thousands of privileged passwords.
  • Administrator passwords exist on each device and application.
  • It is difficult to coordinate changes to shared passwords.
  • When there are many shared, static passwords, former IT staff can retain sensitive access after leaving an organization.
  • It can be difficult to trace changes back to individuals who made them.

Improving Security with Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager

Privileged Access Manager helps organizations to secure privileged accounts:

  • Eliminate static and shared passwords.
  • Enforce strong authorization controls over who can access which administrative account and when.
  • Personally authenticate IT staff before granting access to privileged accounts.
  • Create an audit log of who accessed each privileged account and when.
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