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Emergency Access to Administrator Accounts - Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager

Business Challenge

Most systems have a small number of day-to-day administrators, who work during normal business hours to manage configuration, patches, security, storage, etc. If a problem arises during the normal work-day, these administrators are called and they fix the problem promptly.

If production systems experience problems at night or on weekends, stand-by staff need to be able to login and make corrective changes. At other times, stand-by staff should not have administrative access.

These requirements are contradictory: stand-by staff should get administrative access to systems in an emergency, but not normally.

Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager Solution
  • Privileged Access Manager includes a workflow engine, designed to allow people who do not have regular administrative access to systems to request such access.
  • Users who want to see a particular password can ask for disclosure using the Privileged Access Manager web UI. This triggers an e-mail to one or more authorizers, such as application owners, asking for approval.
  • Authorizers click on an embedded URL, sign in and approve or reject requests.
  • Approved requests trigger another e-mail, to the password recipient.
  • The recipient clicks on an embedded URL, signs in and displays the password.
  • The process is expedited by naming multiple authorizers -- more than the minimum number required.
  • Reminders, automatic escalation and delegation also ensure prompt response.

Using Privileged Access Manager, one-time disclosure of passwords is convenient and secure.

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