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AD Self Service

Active Directory self service refers to any set of capabilities that enable users to manage their own Active Directory identities, credentials and security entitlements. The idea is to provide a mechanism whereby users can perform, on their own profile, some administrative tasks that normally require elevated privileges. This reduces IT support costs and improves user service. To do this, an intermediary application is required, to authenticate the user and limit what changes he can make, to whose profiles.

An Active Directory password reset system is the most common component of this. It allows users who may have forgotten or locked out their AD password to resolve the problem on their own, without calling the IT help desk.

Additional Active Directory self-service capabilities may include:

Hitachi ID Password Manager is a complete solution for managing passwords and other credentials, intended for users in a medium to large enterprise. It includes self service password reset features, Active Directory integration and Self-Service -- a set of capabilities that enable self-service even anywhere -- including from pre-boot, from the Windows login prompt and while away from the office.


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