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Identity Administration

Identity administration is the process of creating new and modifying or deleting existing identities as well as managing the security entitlements associated with those identities.

Identity administration may be accomplished using tools included with each system and application -- for example, the MMC snap-in for Users and Computers in Active Directory, commands such as "CREATE USER" on SQL databases and shell scripts such as /usr/sbin/adduser on Linux systems.

As the number of systems and applications where identities and entitlements must be managed grows, it makes sense to automate identity administration processes using an identity and access management (IAM) system.

Hitachi ID Identity Manager is designed to manage user accounts, identity information and security entitlements on a variety of systems and applications. It helps organizations to:

  • Reduce costs, by replacing manual IT support processes with automation and self-service.
  • Improve user productivity by simplifying change requests and eliminating long wait times for security changes.
  • Strengthen security through policy enforcement and reliable access deactivation.

Identity Manager includes built-in connectors to manage users and entitlements on over 120 kinds of systems and applications, on-premise and in the cloud.

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