Password Synchronization

Learn more about password synchronization.

Password synchronization is any process or technology that helps users to maintain a single password, subject to a single security policy, across multiple systems.

Password synchronization is an effective mechanism for addressing password management problems in medium to large organizations:

  • Users with fewer passwords tend to remember them.
  • Simpler password management means fewer problems and fewer help desk calls.
  • Users with fewer passwords are less likely to write them down.

There are two ways to implement password synchronization:

  • Transparent password synchronization, where native password changes, that already take place on a common system (example: Active Directory) are automatically propagated through the password management system to other systems and applications.
  • Web-based password synchronization, where users change all of their passwords at once, using a web application.

One of the core features of Hitachi ID Password Manager is password synchronization.

Password Manager implements both transparent and web based password synchronization.

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