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Reduced Sign On

A reduced sign-on system is any mechanism intended to reduce the frequency with which users are prompted to provide credentials as they authenticate into a system.

Many organizations are interested in reducing the burden of repeated login prompts for users. Eliminating some or all of these login prompts is referred to as "single sign-on" though more accurately it is "reduced sign-on."

There are several classes of reduced sign-on technology:

Hitachi ID Login Manager, a module included with Hitachi ID Password Manager, is an enterprise single sign-on solution. It automatically signs users into applications where the ID and/or passwords are the same ones users type to sign into Windows on their PC.

Login Manager leverages password synchronization instead of stored passwords. This means that it does not require a wallet and that users can continue to sign into their applications from devices other than their corporate PC -- such as a smart phone or tablet -- for which a single sign-on client may not be available.

Login Manager does not require scripting or a credential vault, so has a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than alternative single sign-on tools.

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