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Required Skillset

Required Skillset for Training Courses

Hitachi ID recommends that candidates for online training be familiar with a majority of the following:

  • System and process design:
    • Security policy.
    • Network and data architecture.
    • IT support infrastructure and processes.

  • Product installation, ongoing administration:
    • Windows / AD administration.
    • Web server configuration and management.
    • Web application deployment and administration.

  • Initial integration and ongoing updates and extensions:
    • Familiarity with each target system.
    • IT support infrastructure and processes.
    • E-mail infrastructure.
    • IVR infrastructure, if telephony integration is in scope.

  • Development of business logic:
    • Programming or scripting (e.g., Python, Powershell, VB, Java).
    • Familiarity with data sources: LDAP, RDBMS, etc.
    • Familiarity with web applications, including HTML and optionally (to support a more interactive UI) JavaScript.

  • UI customization:
    • HTML and CSS markup.
    • JavaScript and AJAX if highly interactive forms are in scope.

  • Deployment and ongoing support:
    • IT support infrastructure and processes.
    • User education.
    • Metrics.

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