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Identity Management and Access Governance Solutions

The Business Challenge

Identity management and access governance impacts a wide range of functions in every organization:

  • Users: Need prompt access to systems and want a convenient way to sign into a variety of applications.
  • IT Support: Has to provision, support and deactivate user access to systems, while maintaining security, keeping cost down and providing responsive user service.
  • Audit: Needs to verify that there is accountability for user actions and to carry out forensic analysis.
  • Business units: Want to tailor applications based on the identity of users and their relationships.

These goals are easy to articulate but hard to reach. A proliferation of both applications and business processes makes identity management and access governance complex and creates an opportunity for automation.

Identity Automation

Hitachi ID Systems identity management and access governance solutions are designed to help organizations more effectively manage:

  • Users.
  • Identity attributes.
  • Relationships between users.
  • Privileges.
  • Authentication processes.

Business Impact

Learn more about how Hitachi ID Systems solutions help organizations.

Read More:

  • Security / Governance:
    Using Hitachi ID Systems software to meet security, governance and regulatory compliance needs.
  • Reducing IT Support Cost:
    Reduce IT support cost using automation and self-service processes in the Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite.
  • Improve User Service:
    Fewer passwords, simpler change management and faster turn-around time from IT using process automation in the Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite.
  • Regulatory Compliance:
    Learn how Hitachi ID Systems solutions can help satisfy regulatory requirements.
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