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Improving User Service

Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite is designed to improve the user experience as it relates to authentication processes and security change management:

Your Challenge
Our Solution
Your Results
Users have too many passwords to remember. _GSLOGO_PSYNCH
Users forget their passwords or trigger lockouts, and it takes too long to resolve these problems. _GSLOGO_PSYNCH
  • With self-service password reset, users can resolve their own login problems from a web browser, their PC login screen or even a telephone.
Users have to type their login ID and password into too many different application login screens. _GSLOGO_PSYNCH
  • With reduced signon, users are automatically signed into applications.
It is hard for users to figure out how to request access to shares and folders when they change roles or projects. _GSLOGO_IDSYNCH
  • Users can browse network resources directly and request access using the Hitachi ID Group Manager module in Hitachi ID Identity Manager.
It is hard for managers to figure out how to requisition access for new contractors and employees. _GSLOGO_IDSYNCH
  • Self-service workflow allows managers to request access for new hires by filling out a simple web form.
It takes too long to approve security changes. _GSLOGO_IDSYNCH
  • Reliable authorization, including invitations to multiple approvers, approval by N of M, reminders, delegation and automatic escalation ensures that changes are approved and completed promptly and reliably.
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