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Hitachi ID certification

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Addressing Security / GRC Problems

Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite is designed to improve the security of authentication, change control and audit processes across multiple systems:

Your Challenge
Our Solution
Your Results
Orphan and dormant accounts are an easy target for attackers. _GSLOGO_IDSYNCH
  • Hitachi ID Identity Manager can find orphan and dormant accounts, for subsequent removal by security staff.
  • Access deactivation can be automated, triggered by an HR feed.
Users accumulate security privileges and their rights may contradict policy. _GSLOGO_IDSYNCH
  • Identity Manager can detect and prevent SoD policy violations, user access rights.
  • Managers and data owners can be periodically invited to review and certify, users and entitlements.
Administrator passwords are shared and static. _GSLOGO_IDARCHIVE
Users have weak, unchanging passwords. _GSLOGO_PSYNCH
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