Hitachi ID Systems is offering a competitive upgrade to end user organizations that have a production instance of Oracle Waveset (also known as Sun Java Identity Manager, Sun Identity Manager or Waveset Lighthouse). This page includes the broad details of this competitive upgrade program.


Customers may have any version of the Oracle Waveset software to qualify for the competitive upgrade program. The software must be in production use. Hitachi ID Systems will furnish replacement software and licenses for the following two products, at their then-current versions, to replace the Oracle Waveset software:

  • Hitachi ID Identity Manager
  • Hitachi ID Password Manager


As a part of this program, Hitachi ID Systems will also offer free services, as follows:

  • Discovery
  • Business analysis

For corporations with over 5,000 employees, 5 days of the above services will be furnished at no charge.

For corporations with over 10,000 employees, 10 days of the above services will be furnished at no charge.


Qualifying organizations will be charged as follows:

Software licenseNo cost
Annual software maintenanceList price
Initial services (discovery, business analysis) as aboveNo cost
Subsequent implementation servicesFixed price,
based on discovery

Eligibility and evidence

To be eligible, customers must provide evidence that they have a license for the Sun Identity Manager software and that it is in production. Evidence of the license may include:

  • Copy of invoice, purchase order or license agreement; OR
  • WebEx to Hitachi showing us their production system in use; OR
  • Other forms of evidence negotiable

Evidence that the system is in production shall be via WebEx.

In addition to the above, there are certain restrictions regarding organization size and location. Please contact Hitachi ID Systems to verify whether your organization qualifies.


The competitive upgrade is available starting November 15, 2010 until March 31, 2011 (inclusive).

Features and integrations

Intranet vs. extranet use

Which products are offered under this program depends on whether Oracle Waveset is deployed to support Intranet or Extranet users:

Functionality Intranet Extranet
User provisioning Included Excluded
Password management Included Included

Migration assistance

Hitachi ID Systems will offer assistance with migrating configuration data, user profiles and security questions from the old Oracle Waveset implementation to the new Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite deployment. All migration tools available at the time will be provided at no cost.

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