Founded 1992, renamed to Hitachi ID Systems, Inc. in 2008
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Financial Owned by Hitachi, Ltd.
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Contact 1.403.233.0740
Hitachi ID Systems has offices in the US, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Poland and Australia. Certified resellers and integrators globally
Corporate Overview Hitachi ID delivers access governance and identity administration solutions to organizations globally. Hitachi ID solutions are used by Fortune 500 companies to secure access to systems in the enterprise and in the cloud. With fully integrated and user friendly solutions and an exceptionally experienced team, customer service and satisfaction remains Hitachi ID's number one priority. The scalable product architecture delivers excellent management and governance of user access for global enterprises, while a pragmatic design minimizes total cost of ownership and makes the solution affordable for mid-sized organizations.
The enterprise IT environment is complex and dynamic. Employees, contractors, vendors and partners must be provisioned with access, managed and deactivated constantly.

Rapid organizational change and stringent regulatory and audit requirements mean that efficient and well controlled management of identities, entitlements and credentials is required.

Customers Customers include Avon, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cisco Systems, Intel, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Merck MetLife, NCR Corporation, Pfizer, Pitney Bowes, Sears, Shell, Symantec and many more.
Partners Partners include Accessec, Biikooroo, Capgemini, Compucom, DXC, Dell, IAM Experts, IDMWorks, Idenhaus, Identigral, Intigrow, PIDAS, PSYND, Redtoo, SIDIF, Securience, Serial, Simeio, Software Spectrum, TCS, TechPort 13, ThinkWare, Vintegris, Xerox (ACS), Zauber.
Kevin Nix, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Nick Brown, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Bart Allan, Vice President, Services
Colin Duffy, Senior Vice President, Corporate Sales and Channel
James Hare, Senior Vice President and General Sales Manager
Larry Kearl, CA, Vice President, Finance
Dawn Mallyon, Vice President, Marketing
Trevor Nicholson, Senior Vice President, Direct Sales
Ian Reay, Vice President, Engineering
Scott Whiffin, Vice President, Solution Delivery

Product Overview

The Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite is an integrated solution for Identity and access management (IAM). It streamlines and secures the management of identities, security entitlements and credentials across systems and applications, on-premises and in the cloud. Organizations deploy the Hitachi ID Suite to strengthen controls, meet regulatory and audit requirements, improve IT service and reduce IT operating cost.

Hitachi ID Suite is compromised of Hitachi ID Identity Manager to create, manage and deactivate user identities and entitlements; Hitachi ID Password Manager to manage all user credentials and Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager to secure access to privileged accounts.

The Hitachi ID Suite includes several modules:

  • Identity Manager -- User provisioning, RBAC, SoD and access certification.
    Identity Manager includes the following additional features, at no extra charge:
    • Hitachi ID Access Certifier -- Periodic review and cleanup of security entitlements.
    • Hitachi ID Group Manager -- Self-service management of security group membership.
    • Hitachi ID Org Manager -- Delegated construction and maintenance of Orgchart data.
  • Password Manager -- Self service management of passwords, PINs and encryption keys.
    Password Manager includes the following additional features, at no extra charge:
    • Hitachi ID Telephone Password Manager -- Telephone self-service for passwords and tokens.
  • Privileged Access Manager -- Secure administrator and service accounts.