Heliview Identity & Access Management 2019


May 9th, 2019


NBC Congress Center
Blokhoeve 1
3438 LC Nieuwegein


According to the show site:

Identity & Access Management ensures that the right doors open for the right people at the right time for the right reasons. It also keeps the right doors closed. A good IAM solution should be the cornerstone for every organization, from the point of view of business or compliance. During the Identity & Access Management (IAM) Congress, which is being held for the 14th time in 2019, more than 150 IAM experts, security specialists, IT managers are informed about the latest developments and possibilities to make their IAM agile, efficient, customer-friendly and compliant to decorate. At the end of the day, participants also have insight into the flexibility and profitability of a good IAM solution.

Official event website: