September 21, 2016 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Hitachi ID Systems is proud to announce the release of Hitachi ID Identity Express™ – an innovative solution that delivers full-featured identity and access management (IAM) automation. Identity Express accelerates deployment while reducing cost and implementation risk.

Historically, implementation of identity and access management solutions required significant consulting services for process re-engineering, integrations and custom workflow development. This complexity contributed to high cost, risks and delays, often resulting in million-dollar, multi-year projects.

“Automating user lifecycles with some IAM products has become so complex and costly that analyst firms routinely advise customers to begin with analytics and entitlement cleanup rather than actively managing identities and entitlements,” says Idan Shoham, CTO. “Hitachi ID Identity Express eliminates this problem -- customers can now automate IAM processes in weeks, not years.”

With Hitachi ID Identity Express, organizations begin with a rich set of business processes and policies. Identity Express solutions embody best practices for onboarding, transfer and termination processes, including automation, access requests, approvals and recertification. These processes completely replace, rather than re-implement, legacy processes.

The Corporate edition of Identity Express automates the lifecycle of employees and contractors, while the Partner Portal edition automates access management for users affiliated with business partners.

To read more about this new IAM offering, download our white paper documents here.

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