July 12, 2017 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Hitachi ID Systems is rated as an overall leader in Cloud-based Provisioning, Access Governance, and Federation (IDaaS B2E) by analyst firm KuppingerCole.

Cited as well as among the leaders in the Product and Innovation categories, KuppingerCole states, “As one of the products in the IAM market with a very long-standing history, the Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite is feature-rich. It provides strong Identity Provisioning and Access Governance capabilities, various self-service interfaces, and strong capabilities for Adaptive Authentication including built-in 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) and Identity Federation.”

Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management software is now offered as an optional lease-based software as a service (IAMaaS), deployed in the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud. The software is based on Hitachi ID Identity Express™, a pre-configured pre-packaged version of Hitachi ID's IDM Suite. Hitachi ID IDM SaaS solutions are worry free for customers as the day-to-day administration of the cloud-based solutions are provided by dedicated Hitachi ID staff.

“Our IAM solution includes fully featured access governance, the broadest set of connectors for automated provisioning, full-featured self-service credential management and privileged access management. We offer both a purchased, on-premises deployment model and a leased, cloud-hosted and managed service,&rdquol says Gideon Shoham, CEO. “Regardless of the delivery model, by using Identity Express we are able to compress deployment time, minimize risk and deliver the lowest TCO while encapsulating best-practices policies and processes.”

A complimentary copy of the KuppingerCole report can be requested here.

Further information on Hitachi ID's IAMaaS offerings including pricing models, webinars and white papers can be found here. To speak with an account manager about setting up IAMaaS for your company, please call (877) 386-0372 or e-mail sales@Hitachi-ID.com.

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