The 11.0 Release Automates Group Lifecycle Management on AD and other systems.

February 8, 2018 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Hitachi ID Systems is pleased to announce the release of a major version (11.0) of its Identity and Access Management Suite. The 11.0 release introduces group lifecycle management across integrated systems and applications:

  • Creating new and deleting no-longer-needed groups.
  • Enriching groups with attributes such as owner, risk score, division, etc.
  • Automatically populating groups with users who meet inclusion criteria.
  • Request/approval and review/revoke workflows for group membership.
  • Full support for nested groups, including attaching and removing child or parent groups.

“The greatest challenge to enabling comprehensive identity and access management is dealing with the complexity of today's diverse and dynamically changing user requirements,” noted Steve Brasen, Research Director with IT analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates. “The advanced group management capabilities and other enhancements introduced in version 11.0 of the Hitachi ID platform greatly simplify authentication and access privilege administration, ensuring appropriate levels of security while minimizing management efforts and related costs.”

A comprehensive overview of the new release, complete with screenshots, can be found here.

Hitachi ID will host a webinar in February to introduce the 11.0 release, with a focus on group lifecycle management capabilities in Hitachi ID Identity Manager. Click here for information and to register.

Over the next quarter, Hitachi ID will showcase the 11.0 release at a number of international conferences, including Gartner IAM Summit in London, InfoSec World in Orlando and RSA in San Francisco.

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