Both reports find that a single platform PAM product like Hitachi ID's is preferred in a market where most vendors need to integrate multiple products to achieve similar capabilities.

April 10, 2019, Calgary Alberta, Canada – Two recently released analyst reports on Privileged Access have determined that companies investigating privileged access management solutions should consider Hitachi ID's PAM product.

Hitachi ID's PAM secures access to elevated privileges. It eliminates shared and static passwords to privileged accounts. It enforces strong authentication and reliable authorization prior to granting access. User access is logged, creating strong accountability and an audit trail.

In Ovum's white paper, “Hitachi ID Privileged Access Management” released March 15th, author Andrew Kellett notes, “A single-platform, all-inclusive approach to privilege management that aids rapid deployment and ease of use and reduces support overheads is what enterprise organizations should demand from their PAM provider. PAM technology must meet all business and user protection requirements and, like HiPAM, deliver all components of PAM in a single platform.”

Hitachi ID's Privileged Access Manager secures access, can support over a million password changes daily and be accessed by thousands of authorized users. It offers highly reliable, secure access to shared privileged accounts and security groups, even in the event of a site-wide disaster.

In their recently released, “Executive View – Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager” report, analyst firm KuppingerCole found that, “HiPAM is a rock-solid PAM solution, covering the key areas of PAM.” In addition, author Martin Kuppinger states, “From a technical perspective, Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager is a strong and mature offering with various features that are highly elaborated and well above average.”

To learn more, please visit the Hitachi ID website. The IAM suite consists of three integrated products: Hitachi ID Identity Manager, Privileged Access Manager and Password Manager. It includes a rich set of connectors, automated provisioning/deactivation, an access request portal, SoD and RBAC policies, approval workflows, access certification, analytics and more.

Go to Hitachi ID's website to request access to a complimentary digital copy of the research.

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