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In her role as Vice President of Marketing, Dawn Mallyon is responsible for all marketing initiatives at Hitachi ID Systems, Inc. Leveraging more than 15 years experience in marketing for technology companies, Dawn brings her strategic planning, tactical and management expertise to Hitachi. Dawn has previously held marketing management roles at SMART Technologies and Whitehill Technologies (now Elite, a Thomson Reuters company). She holds a Bachelor degree in Public Relations from Mount Saint Vincent University.


Solve the Four Biggest Remote Work Login Problems

  May 15th, 2020

Remote work has achieved a new peak so far in 2020. Some 62% of employed Americans said they have worked from home during the COVID-19 crisis. This large-scale experiment will have a lasting impact, as 74% of CFOs surveyed by Gartner expect at least some of the workers pushed remote by the virus will continue… Read More

Three password issues that could complicate your post-covid-19 return to the workplace

  May 8th, 2020

The return to the office is coming. Some companies will bring workers back sooner, others later. Some will stagger the returns, others will open their doors to everyone at once. Some will have a smooth transition, others will find it just as disruptive as the sudden switch to remote working.  There are plenty of variables… Read More