Overview: Hitachi ID Password Manager (formerly P-Synch)

Free Webinar: Authentication Management

Password Manager, a component of the Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite, is an authentication management platform. Password Manager:

  • Strengthens the security of login-related IT support processes.
  • Reduces the volume and duration of IT support calls.
  • Improves user productivity.

Password Manager accomplishes this with:

  • Password synchronization.
  • Single sign-on to applications.
  • Self-service password reset.
  • Assisted password and PIN reset.
  • Simplified management of other authentication factors, such as hardware tokens and biometric samples.

Password Manager includes connectors to manage PINs, passwords and keys on over 100 kinds of systems and applications.

Authentication management

In this session, Hitachi ID Systems' CTO, Idan Shoham, and Gartner's Research Director, Identity and Privacy, Mark Diodati, discuss the evolution from simple self-service password reset applications to enterprise solutions that manage every authentication factor for every user. The webinar also focuses on how passwords, security questions, one-time password tokens, smart cards, PKI certificates, biometrics and full disk encryption products can be managed and supported together.

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