Corporations and government organizations are faced with a demanding regulatory environment, which is likely to persist for years to come.

Legislation relating to corporate governance and to privacy protection, regardless of the specific law and jurisdiction, generally requires the same basic measures:

  • Strong authentication of all trusted users.
  • Customer data and sensitive corporate data are protected through access controls, encryption, etc.
  • Effective controls over who has access to corporate and identity (internal users, customers) data.
  • Audit trails that support discovery of what users have access to key data and business functions.

Meeting these measures means that companies and government agencies require a compliance infrastructure. A well engineered infrastructure will work for a variety of regulations, over the long term.

Hitachi ID Systems understands the role that effective identity management and access governance plays in constructing the compliance infrastructure described above. Hitachi ID products support:

  • Strong and reliable authentication. (read more)
  • Effective controls over user access to systems and data, including automatic access termination. (read more)
  • Audit trails that record user access rights across a heterogeneous environment, and over time. (read more)
  • Periodic reviews of user rights, with integrated workflow to remove inappropriate access. (read more)
  • Secure management of administrative credentials to workstations, servers and applications. (read more)

Hitachi ID Systems Regulatory Compliance

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