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Business Drivers and Use Cases for Enterprise Identity Management

The business drivers for deploying an IAM system include:

  • Internal controls and regulatory compliance:
    • Reliable access deactivation when users leave the organization.
    • Ensure that new access is granted in accordance with business need and in compliance with policy.
    • Enforce segregation of duties policies.
    • Periodically review security entitlements and eliminate any that are no longer business-appropriate.
    • Control access to privileged accounts and elevated privileges more generally.
    • Eliminate weak passwords and other credentials.
    • Require strong authentication wherever possible.

  • IT support cost:
    • Lower IT support call volume and help desk staffing.
    • Reduce the volume and cost of manual access administration.
    • Reduce the burden placed by auditors on system administrators.

  • User service:
    • Provision required access promptly.
    • Simplify access requests.
    • Reduce the number of passwords users must manage and enter.


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