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This document is designed to assist in the preparation of a business case for the deployment of an identity administration and access governance (IAM) system. The benefits of an IAM system: namely cost savings, improved user service and strengthened security are justified in terms of concrete metrics, which compare current to desired state.

The remainder of this document is organized as follows:

  • IAM background

    An overview of what IAM means, both in general and in the specific context of medium to large organizations managing access to their internal systems and applications.

  • Business drivers

    A summary of the business drivers which make an investment in identity administration and access governance desirable.

  • IAM infrastructure components

    An overview of the typical components of an IAM infrastructure, explaining the function of each one.

  • Metrics

    A description of the expected benefits to be derived from each IAM component, including metrics that can be used to project actual benefits at the outset of an implementation project and to validate results once a system has been deployed.

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