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Password management for thousands of users, across multiple systems, is a costly problem for most enterprises. Problems that arise from ineffective password management include:

  • Support cost and meeting support SLA.
  • Lost user productivity.
  • Network security vulnerabilities.

Executive Summary

The following table shows the historical and projected trend of password resets handled by this company's help desk:

Password targets Year 2005 Year 2006

Year 2007 Year 2008 Projected Year 2009 Projected
NT/Active Directory          
Lotus Notes          
Custom apps          
Total resets          
Cost of resets          


Hitachi ID Password Manager eliminates password complexity, to reduce support cost, recover user productivity, and improve systems security. Combined with Password Manager's rapid deployment, these benefits yield positive ROI in just a few months:

  • Eliminate password problems for users, from AAA problems/month to BBB problems/month.
  • Reduce password-related IT support call volume, from CCC calls/month to DDD calls/month.
  • Shorten password problem resolution at the IT help desk, from EEE minutes/call to FFF minutes/call.
  • Help the support organization meet SLAs.

Cost savings

Together, these benefits will yield direct support cost savings of:

  • $GGG /month to the support organization.
  • Productivity worth $HHH /month recovered for the user population.
  • Total projected annual savings are $SSS.

Password Manager is scalable, and can support employees, contractors, vendors, partners and customers.

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