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The remainder of this document is organized as follows:

  • Multiple account repositories:

    Explains why, in practice, most organizations manage data about users -- who they are, how to authenticate them what they have access to -- on multiple systems.

  • Managing identities and entitlements across applications:

    The challenges created by the intersection of multiple business change processes and multiple account repositories.

  • User communities:

    Comparing the different initial states and IAM needs of insiders and outsiders.

  • Data that must be managed:

    An overview of the kinds of identity attributes, security entitlements and credentials that IAM automation must manage.

  • IAM components:

    How different kinds of IT infrastructure and automated processes help to streamline and secure IAM data and processes.

  • Identity and access management defined:

    A simple definition for what constitutes identity and access management, given the foregoing.

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