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This document is an overview of the identity management requirements that arise in an Extranet portal, where a corporation provides services to a large number of external users -- typically consumers and in some cases partners.

The remainder of this document covers:

  1. A comparison of Enterprise IDM with Extranet IDM requirements.
  2. An overview of business process and technical requirements that arise in Extranet IDM, and suggestions for best practices.
  3. An overview of business process and technical requirements.
  4. Proposed solutions, using a combination of Hitachi ID Systems products, third party software and custom software development, as appropriate.


Enterprise Identity and access management (IAM) presents different challenges than identity and access management in Extranet (B2C or B2B) scenarios:

Characteristic Enterprise IAM (typical) Consumer IAM (typical)
Number of users

under 1 million

over 1 million
Number of systems and directories

2 -- 10,000

1 -- 2
Users defined before the IAM system is deployed


Frequently only new users
ID mapping

Existing accounts may have different IDs on different systems.

Single, consistent ID per user.
Data quality

Orphan and dormant accounts are common. Data inconsistencies between systems.

Single or few objects per user. Consistent data. Dormant accounts often a problem.
User diversity

Many users have unique requirements.

Users fit into just a few categories.

In short, Enterprise IAM has fewer but more complex users. Consumer IAM has more users and higher transaction rates, but less complexity.

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